Software Developer.

Currently working as an ASP.NET MVC web developer at Invenias Ltd, I have a first class degree in Computing from Plymouth University. I actively enjoy software and web development, and love learning new technologies - currently I'm looking at AngularJS and React.js in order to expand my portfolio as a web-dev, but plan to work on a "real world" project soon (with actual hardware). Checkout my portfolio or GitHub for what I'm up to at the moment.

I grew up in a hamlet rural West Oxfordshire, and spent much of my childhood playing outside with our family dog, the pig (Alice) and my close friends. I still very much enjoy being outside - and get out climbing and cycling whenever I can (and the sun is shining). I like to bake (cakes and desserts, specifically - they taste better!), and take great pride in the food I make.

Skills and Abilities

Confident and Capable

  • C#
  • HTML
  • javascript
  • jQuery
  • css (and less)
  • SQL


  • Java
  • UML modelling and design
  • Object-Oriented design patterns and principles
  • Microsoft Azure
  • SharePoint server administration
  • node.js

Knowledge of

  • Amazon AWS
  • Android
  • AngularJS
  • React.js

If you're interested, please view my CV, send me an email or contact me on LinkedIn.


Dyslexia-Friendly toolbar

As part of a University project, I developed a toolbar that allows the CSS of a page to be altered to change the font and background colours, as well as changing the font to OpenDyslexic, to make the website more accessible to those who suffer from dyslexia.

Ultimately, I aim to make this into an applet, which would allow it to be incorporated in any webpage and work on all browsers (currently, it only works on Chrome).

Take a look at the toolbar.

Application Tracker

When applying for placements, I found it suprisingly difficult to keep track of all the applications I had made, and the progress of each - who had replied, who hadn't etc - and I ended up with a Post-it note based system all over my bedroom floor.

In order to provide myself with a better solution, I developed an ASP.NET C# application, which allows applications to be recorded, and statuses associated with each application when things change.

This is no longer active online, but I can provide code samples etc if required.

Olivia Dickson Photography

I designed and created this as a photography portfolio for a friend, to provide a showcase for their ongoing photography work.

This is a c# ASP.NET MVC web project, running on Azure's app services. The site is populated with images stored in Azure's blob storage.

Take a look at Olivia's photographs.


As part of my final year, I was required to write a dissertation or final project. I looked at working on a proof of concept for a modular system to replace the copper wiring loom of a car, based on microcontrollers Bluetooth Low-Energy-connected. The working prototype had a sender device (e.g. an indicator stalk), sending signals which were recieved by receiver device (e.g. a light cluster), and action something.

This project was relatively successful, in that a working prototye was produced. I used javascript and node.js to write the majority of the peripheral code, but ended up writing some C++ for specific hardware devices I was using. Overall, I acheived a 2:1 for this piece of work.

The code is on GitHub.

Neural Networks Coursework

As the assessment coursework for my Neural Networks final year module, I implemented a primative neural network to attempt to predict the GBP to USD exchange rates, using CORTEX Pro. The neural network was a back-propagated Multi-Layer Perceptron, trained with a three-month moving average for inflation, interest rates and past exchange rates.

I achieved an overal mark of 72% for this module, and was able to correctly predict the average GBP/USD exchange rate for December 2014 as 1.56, to two decimal places.

The code for this project, as well as the accompanying essay, is in this GitHub repository.

Web App for storing loyalty cards

As a project to learn more about front-end and MVVM javascript frameworks, I created a web app for storing information about loyalty cards. Making use of PouchDb for the backend, and AngularJs for the front end, I was able to learn more about different web technologies.

The aim (short to medium term), is that this site would fully function offline.

The code for this project, is in my GitHub repository and a live in-use version hosted in Azure.